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4 Ideas for Chore Charts

Ideas for Chore Charts

Chore charts are marvelous as they assign duties to kids at the right time which keeps them busy. We all know how cheeky kids can be when idle. Assigning them duties not only keeps them busy but it also develops their brain. They are able to think and be aware of their responsibilities. They will grow up to be responsible persons. These are some of the ideas you can implement in creating chore charts for your kids:

Seek Inspiration

It is always ideal to seek inspiration from other chore charts. Even though the chore chart you come up with should suit your household’s expectations. In addition to their daily chores like making the bed and putting away toys, the chore chart will motivate kids to help with other jobs. It is one reason why you need an excellent chore idea. Your kids will surely have a lot to learn about.

Wise Placement

The best place to hang the chore chart is in the living room. The living room is like a central point where most of the activities revolve around. It is also where you have to pass through when going either to the kitchen or to the bedroom according to many homes.

Living room is therefore, the perfect point to place the chore chart since some chores should happen in the bedroom while some happen in the kitchen. Create a super cute and easy chore chart, with some pretty decorations on it.

Set Rewards

Even though kids hate chores, there is clear evidence that it influences their growth and development positively. So, how can you boost the growth and development part in terms of responsibility? By rewarding the kids. It will have a significant impact on their predicted success in adulthood. The earlier they begin to do regular chores, the better the outcome.

Consider how and when to reward the kids and always involve them in deciding what kind of rewards. After determining the rewards, encourage and teach them how to save if they are to receive monetary rewards. Remember, rewards vary from toddlers to teens because of the rate of work. Let them know it is a good strategy rather than punishment. Ensure to reward them when they attain the target and use praise to motivate them.

Create a Routine

Every family needs to have a routine to ensure the chore chart becomes effective; kids feel comfortable when they know what goes on each day. Patterns don’t have to be stressful but flexible to follow round the clock. Choose a pivotal moment, a particular time for the family when you are all together, maybe you prefer after supper or prayer time. That is when you discuss key issues and where to improve on the chart.

Bottom Line

Chore charts are remarkable in the life of your kids. It helps them develop into the confident and capable young adults with the essential skills in life. Ensure they follow every chore on the chart and it is accomplished in the stipulated time. Do you have any ideas for chore charts? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!


Thank you for reading through this. If you have any comments, opinions or anything to add, feel free to leave a comment below. I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts.

- Martin

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