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6 Ideas for Family Chore Charts

Family Chore Charts

Family Chore charts are excellent and more when the parents are involved. The kids do not have to complete chores alone. At times you can include them in your daily tasks like emptying the trash can, cooking, etc. Some of these chores can be done as a family, and on the flip side, the family bond strengthens.

Chores such as cleaning can be done by both a mum and her siblings, as she will show them how to do it to perfection. The children learn how to perform these tasks via apprenticeship, and with time as they grow, they will be able to perform these duties on their own. Here are six family chore charts ideas you can employ in your family:


Cleaning is one task that some grown-up kids can perform on their own. However, when it is done with the help of a parent, they will understand that one has to clean the windows, under the bed, the ceiling, and so on. While cleaning with the parents, they will know how it is vital to always clean every place.

Doing the dishes

Children around the ages six and seven can do the dishes quite well together with their parents. Doing the dishes as a family will show the kids how utensils are scrubbed to look sparkling clean, especially the cooking pots. By achieving these chores with parents, the kids will surely learn a lot. They will know the priority tings to wash first and even how to handle them while cleaning.

Setting the table

When the parents fall sick or are not around, the kids will be responsible for setting the table for visiting persons. This is one reason why you should involve them in this chore while doing it. They will learn how the table is set, what comes first, washing people’s hands, etc. When you do it together with them, they will set the table for visitors that day you will not be around.

Preparing food

The younger kids cannot engage in this chore, but those above seven years of age can assist the parent. They can even cook by themselves under the watchful eye of the parent, but of course, the light dishes. Preparing food with your children is one perfect way of teaching them how food is prepared. Cooking together will teach them how to make distinct types of food and even bake cakes.

Empty trash cans

The kids have to understand that the kitchen trash can has to be emptied when full. Since the can may be heavy at times, kids will not be able to do it alone, and this makes it a family chore. Help the kids empty the can and keep it clean to maintain cleanliness in the house. It makes them responsible even when you are not around.

Doing the laundry

Kids cannot prepare and participate in the laundry process all by themselves. They still do not have that energy. But while doing the home laundry, you could involve them and make them wash their comfortable linen like socks and handkerchiefs. Also, when sorting the clothes, you could do it together to ensure they even know what should be done.


Perform these chores and many more at home with your kids to teach them how it is done. As they grow, they will be able to accomplish these tasks on their own. They will be helping out with the chores when you are not around, or maybe you are too tired.


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- Martin

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