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7 Tips for a Chore Chart for Kindergartners

Chore Chart for Kindergartners

A Chore chart for kindergartners will help them a lot while growing up. They are going to grow up to be responsible people who are aware of what is expected of them. It is always crucial to prepare a chore chart for the kids so that they know what to do at a particular time. Ensure they follow the chore chart during the initial days so that they can get acquainted with the norm.

The children will follower an ideal chore chart to the latter if it is simple to understand. So here are seven hacks to consider while preparing a chore chart for your kindergartener:

  • Include the kids

One of the mischievous mistakes you can ever make is failing to include the kids in making the chore chart. They will feel out of place and as though the chart does not involve them. Well, you do not have to include everything they say on the chart, but you can listen to some of their opinions and suggestions.

  • Make it a routine

You do not have to keep altering the chores week in week out. This way, the kids will not have a norm to follow as things keep changing. Ensure you stick to the same chores all through. With time you will see the children adapting to what they are supposed to be doing at a particular time.

  • Vary the responsibilities

In case you have several kids, you do not want each kid to stick to only one chore throughout. Juggle the chore chart such that everyone will at least participate in every task available that they can perform. Again, as you assign the duties, you could consider their ability to accomplish the chore. You would not expect a less than two years kid to make their bed perfectly.

  • Make the chore straightforward

If you want the chore chart to be followed to the latter, then you have to keep it simple. Every kid should understand what they are supposed to be doing. If it is time to put back the toys or make their bed, it should be captured in a language they understand best. You can even show them how to perform the desired chores so that they can do them diligently.

  • Set clear goals

Understanding you are dealing with a kid is very crucial. They may not be aware that they have completed the chore already. So, what you do is set specific goals to alert them the assignment is complete. Like for example if it is brushing their teeth, you could give them a timer and set it for three minutes or five minutes.

  • Easy Chores

While preparing the chore chart, you must include chores that are not difficult for the kids. Tasks like cooking or axing firewood could be too much for the kid.

  • Rewarding system

Just like employees in an organization, rewarding goes a long way in getting things done the right way. You could place rewards for chores accomplished diligently, and you will be surprised at how well the duty will be done. Upon a tip, in the end, the flowers will be watered diligently and handled with a lot of care.

Bottom Line

A Chore Chart for kindergartners is great, but if you fail to include your kid in creating the chart they will feel like it is not meant for them. Involve them in the process and they will enjoy performing the tasks.


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- Martin

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