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Chore Charts by Age

Chore Charts by Age

Many people grew up helping their parents with some duties around the house, but without having chore charts by age. It wasn’t always fun just like with several other kids. However, from young age, children should be taught how to perform various tasks. From this, responsibility and hard work will be nurtured in them. To the parents, the workload will be drastically minimized.

Children can be involved in so much mischief when they are idle hence the importance of a chore chart to keep them busy. If you have children of different age groups, then you are better off. You can break the tasks down according to their respective age groups.

Up to age 3

From the age of 2 to 3 years, a child can perform several duties. A 3-year-old can:

  • Assist in making their bed.
  • They can be sent to fetch bottles of water, diapers, and some light items.
  • After playing, they can assist in picking up their toys.
  • Cleaning some dusty surfaces.
  • Throwing trash in bins.

Age 4 and 5

At this age, kids can assist in:

  • Setting the table cloths for placing food.
  • Putting their toys back to their designated area of storage.
  • Keeping their room clean and tidy e.g. by folding their pajamas and making their bed.
  • Helping in the watering of plants.

Age 6 and 7

By this age, they are probably already in school and can help even more around the house. In addition to what they were doing at a younger age, they can also:

  • Choose their outfit to go out.
  • Dress themselves for school.
  • Brush their teeth after their meals.
  • Wash utensils with supervision.
  • They can now have a pet of their own which they can be feeding. This can be a good opportunity to learn about responsibility.

Age 8 and above

At 8 years and above, a child can take up more responsibility. As they grow, some may want to rebel and not do the chores. This group ought to be encouraged to perform the chores. Here the supervision expected is minimal. These primary school goers can be involved in certain tasks such as:

  • Babysitting the younger ones.
  • Washing the dishes.
  • Cleaning themselves and their younger siblings.
  • Help in vacuuming the house
  • They can also assist in cooking and baking while with someone to supervise.

Take Away on Chore Charts by Age

All these age groups can work together in cleaning the home. Their bond will also be enhanced in the process. It may be an opportunity for you as a parent or guardian to help them in solving conflict. Even with all this information, an important point to note is that every child is different.

Some may learn to do certain tasks before others of the same age which is still okay. Just be patient with your child. Assign to them the tasks they can do with no comparison. Be consistent and children will greatly benefit and be responsible adults.


Thank you for reading through this. If you have any comments, opinions or anything to add, feel free to leave a comment below. I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts.

- Martin

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