Chore Charts for Adults - Daily Structure

Chore Charts for Adults

Chore Charts for Adults

Chore Charts for adults are important, for example if you love a clean spaceThe small chores are what translate to a clean home. A clean home gives you peace whenever someone drops in unannounced. Most people are often overwhelmed by the many things to be done and are not aware what to do at what time.

If you are one of them then this article is for you. Do you always desire to have a clean home but don’t know where to start? Follow these steps to successfully accomplish your tasks:

Daily Chores

You can start by performing daily simple tasks and turn this into a routine. These simple tasks are as easy as:

  • Making your bed before you leave the bedroom door. Ensure there are no clothes, books, or dishes left on your bed.
  • Ensuring that after every meal, you wash the dishes. It reduces the overwhelming feeling of having to wash a huge pile of dishes.
  • Vacuum the open surfaces.
  • Put everything in its designated place after use. It will ensure daily orderliness in your home.

Weekly Chores

After achieving the daily routine for a week, you’re now ready to assign a bigger chore for each day in a week. These are tasks you cannot manage daily:

  • Assign a day to do your laundry. Here you can also wash your bedding and towels after which you can iron and fold them.
  • Clean your bathroom. You can scrub down your bathroom sink, tub, and walls.
  • Wipe clean your kitchen appliances. This is an opportunity to wipe your microwave, grills, toasters among others. You can also do this each time you use an appliance.
  • Mop and dust surfaces such as windows, doors, and television stand to prevent dust from accumulating.

You can assign smaller chores for the busier days.

Monthly Chores

Some chores can be done monthly and still bring out the desired outcome of a clean home.

  • Clean furniture. Wash your seat cushions and under the seats thoroughly.
  • Wipe down sections you would rarely clean such as door handles, fans, and switches.
  • Organize the items in your drawers at least once a month.

Seasonal Chores

These can be done a handful of times a year and can include:

  • Decluttering your closet. Give out some of the clothes you’ve not worn for a couple of months. Depending on the current season, put away clothes you’d not wear in that particular season.
  • Clean all your curtains, wash and dry your mattresses.
  • You can clean vents and gutters to remove any dirt that may cause a blockage.
  • Clean the freezer, fridge, and under furniture that you don’t frequently move around.

Many of these seasonal chores can be done during summer or spring when some items can sun dry.

Final Thoughts

Having chore charts for adults can relieve you the stressful thoughts of how many chores await you back at home. A schedule to perform your duties will ensure you have a planned-out life which will bring your inner peace. Remember it is okay to reevaluate your chart to your liking and to match the season you are in. Happy cleaning and remember consistency is key.


Thank you for reading through this. If you have any comments, opinions or anything to add, feel free to leave a comment below. I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts.

- Martin

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