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What is a Chore Chart?

Chore Chart

Of course, you would expect to follow up kids to perform certain chores at home. They will be glued on the TV or play games all day or maybe sleep. So, the best way to get them to perform chores at home and grow up to be responsible children is having them follow a chore chart.

Caning or scolding kids has never been the ideal way to bring up your kids in as much as you will do it often. Creating like a reward system for your kids and privileges will make your children grow up to be responsible people. A chore chart is a behavior chart that is created to assist children in performing certain chores back at home. They, in turn, receive rewards and privileges for compliance with the chart.

Why Chore Charts?

It is believed that kids grow up to be responsible people by taking the duties on the chart. The behavior is instilled in them almost permanently. However, on the flip side of the chore charts with reward systems, children are more likely to grow with an undermined intrinsic motivation.

These kids could only be performing tasks after being promised a reward. So, what you do is sometimes do away with the award so that they will learn it is their responsibility to perform some duties whether there is a reward or not.

How it Works

With a chore chart, all you do is write down a list of chores to be done by your children. Then ensure that you track the kids’ activities in accomplishing the duties. The chores could be cleaning his room, doing the dishes, making his bed or just any another task. Keep record anytime they perform the assignments for later rewards.

When to use a chore chart

Chore charts will assist almost all ages of children to become responsible. With a list of things to accomplish daily, the kid is bound to perform these tasks without being followed. You could use a checkmark to ensure that the kid has done the jobs that were before him that day.

How to make a chore chart useful?

The surest way to make the kid follow up all the chores added on the chart is promising them some privileges after they are done with the tasks. You could promise them something they like, such as Disney tours, their favorite chocolate or even more electronics time.

Why Use Chore Charts?

Well, children will not remember what they are supposed to be doing every day. You have to keep reminding them of what they are supposed to be doing daily. Kids are not like adults to know the duties they are supposed to perform. They forget quickly so creating a chore chart for them is very vital.

Make sure you place the chart in a place where they can access and determine what chore they should be doing next. Avoid too much nagging and let them follow the chore chart you have created for them to bring up responsible kids.


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